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Kim Churchill

Australian songsmith Kim Churchill released his new album Weight_Falls in August via Atlantic Records. The first single, Second Hand Car, is a prime example of Kim’s incredible talent, with its retro keys, propulsive guitar line and rousing chant-a-long chorus

Churchill spent 18 months working on the follow-up to his breakout LP, 2014’s Silence/Win, but the new record – polished and accessible – didn’t quite feel right. At the last minute, Churchill decided to throw it out and start again. These new recordings retain Kim’s signature elements: intricate guitar work, intuitive vocal melodies and a wonderful feeling of space and warmth.

What sets Weight_Falls apart from Churchill’s previous releases is its sense of adventure and unpredictability, characterised by chopped-up drum samples, unusual harmonies and moments of disarming lyrical honesty. Churchill credits two years spent “growing up” for much of the shift in sound. After touring Silence/Win around Australia in 2014 and 2015, he embarked on a series of high-adrenaline overseas trips that included performances at the Glastonbury and Telluride Blues Festivals and adventures in the Peruvian Andes and along the coast of Sri Lanka. Kim will be touring in Europe this autumn, playing his biggest London show to date at Bush Hall.