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Peat & Diesel

The story began when three Stornoway Cove’s (Innes, Uilly and Boydie) met up in the house to have the craic on a Saturday nights playing music with just the dog and the cat watching. After a few tunes getting thrown across the room Boydie stated muttering a few sentences. As he is a man of few words not attention was really given to him until he shouted ‘Quick, line me out!’ Not a second to spare a set of old broken headphones were cable tied to a guitar amp and out came a few cobwebs followed shortly after with a sound nobody had ever heard before.

The band play homemade songs that tell stories in a funny kind of way about the island life. It’s not for everyone but they’ve sold out Glasgow Barrowlands and 5 other dates already for their Spring 2020 tour with a second night announced for Barrowlands in November. They won BEST LIVE ACT at the Scot Trad Awards 2019!

Peat & Diesel – Light my Byre (the new album out in January) takes you on a journey to the heart of the Western Isles, where #peatlemania was born. You might have time for a brandy in the ‘Airidh’ but don’t miss your ride in Calum Dan’s Transit Van, we ain’t stopping till we lose the water.