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Damien Dempsey

For the first time in a year, Damien got together with his band to perform a special Christmas Live Online Concert on 23 December 2020 exclusively at Stabal and then again in March 2021 for a St Patrick’s Day special ‘All Back to Damos’.

Damien Dempsey’s importance as a singer and songwriter of great passion, conviction and beauty has never been more prominent. He is that rare gem of an artist, an ex boxer – with the soul of a poet, whose heroes and influences are as diverse as Christy Moore, Shane McGowan, Luke Kelly and Bob Marley. Damien has released eight albums to date but it is his connection to the human condition that sets him apart from most of us.

Damien Dempsey’s debut album in 2000, They Don’t Teach This Shit in School, set him apart as a unique and important voice, championed from an early stage in his career by Sinéad O’Connor. The follow-up, Seize the Day, marked the beginning of his relationship with producer John Reynolds. Commercial and critical success continued with the release of the No. 1 album, Shots (2005), backed by Brian Eno, followed by To Hell or Barbados (2007), which debuted at No.2 in the Irish charts.